Warranty Coverage: Rocket Lights is committed to delivering excellence and reliability in solar lighting solutions. We offer an extensive three-year warranty from the date of shipment, ensuring our customers are covered for any mechanical or electrical defects, as well as manufacturing flaws in our solar lighting products. To maintain this warranty, customers are required to send high-quality photographs of the installed Rocket Lights within 7 days of installation.

Transfer: The warranty benefits may be transferred once for a nominal fee of $30 per light, subject to direct communication by the original purchaser and/or the new purchaser of the lights and approval by Rocket Lights. This provision allows subsequent owners to enjoy the peace of mind afforded by our warranty, ensuring continued support throughout the warranty period.

Serial Number Tracking: Each Rocket Lights product is assigned a unique serial number, enabling us to meticulously track the deployment and service history of each unit. This system ensures efficient and personalized warranty support.

Claim Process: Should a product exhibit a covered defect, Rocket Lights reserves the right to determine the appropriate remedy, which may include repair or replacement. The determination will be made following a thorough inspection by our experts. Customers are responsible for the cost of shipping the defective product to Rocket Lights. Conversely, Rocket Lights will cover the shipping costs for returning the repaired or replaced product to the customer.

Exclusions: The warranty does not extend to damage resulting from abuse, misuse, or natural disasters (e.g., hail, flooding). Our goal is to provide robust support for defects while encouraging responsible use and maintenance of our products. Deployment of our products in environments that accelerate the oxidation and deterioration of steel and aluminum will void this warranty.

Warranty for Steel Components: In recognition of the durability and quality of our broader product range, Rocket Lights anchors, light poles, and other carbon steel components are covered by a five-year warranty, specifically addressing manufacturing defects.

This warranty underlines our dedication to quality, customer satisfaction, and the enduring value of Rocket Lights products. For further assistance or to initiate a warranty claim, please contact us directly